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Publicamos 62 matérias em 2021 | 35 matérias em 2020 |

We are Nucleo Journalism, a data-driven website based in Brazil that publishes investigations and analysis about the impact of social media in society.

Our journalism is for everyone, but our main target audience are civil servants, third sector workers, journalists and people with keen interest in transparency, government and Big tech accountability and social media analysis.

Nucleo (which in Portuguese means core) was founded in January 2020 by journalists Sérgio Spagnuolo (ex. Reuters, UN, ICFJ) and Alexandre Orrico (ex. Buzzfeed, Folha de S.Paulo), with a small funding from them.

We have 11 people currently collaborating with us.

Sérgio Spagnuolo

Managing editor and founder

Alexandre Orrico

Executive editor and founder

Jade Drummond

Digital strategist

Samira Menezes

Deputy Editor

Laís Martins


Lucas Lago

Applications analyst

Lucas Gelape

Data analyst

Renata Hirota

Data analyst

Rodolfo Almeida


Juliene Moretti



We are actively looking for funding right now, from people and institutions interested in supporting serious, evidence-based independent journalism.

Our basic requirements for receiving any outside money are: 1. we have to be able to disclose the funder’s name and value invested or donated, and 2. we maintain our journalistic authonomy.

For now, to support ourselves, we license our unique content to partners in Brazil, like fact-checking agency Aos Fatos, Yahoo! News Brazil and Brazilian Report.

In October 2020, Nucleo received a USD 20,000 funding from the Google News Initiative, in order to help us develop our business model.


For now, our work is only published in Portuguese, but we do plan to have cross-border projects that can deliver multi-language reporting in the future.

Our reporting has been either feature in major news organizations or served as reference for them. One of our very first stories was used to inform a Congressional investigation about a major oil spill in Northeast Brazil, while another one was quoted in a multi-NGO inquiry in the Brazilian Supreme Court.

We try our best to map the impact we have on our audience and society in this page (Portuguese-only).



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